08 February 2017

Of Turo-Turos and Carinderias

To relieve myself of my evening ritual of preparing dinner, I checked out one of those turo-turos along Boni Avenue just to peek at what could be dinner. The covered chafing dishes could prove to be a treat or a surprise not intended for the faint of heart.
As manong tindero approached to explain what I should expect behind each covered container, I was wondering if he was cursing me in French or humiliating me in Russian. "Igado, atay, sinampalukan.... and some other foreign sounding viand were my choices.

As I motioned to check if I am about to have an epistaxis, manong opened all the containers masterfully like a magician showing his craft. The food looked either suicidal or in dire need of psychological evaluation. They were screaming for help. Mission failed.
This is the part where I search for KFC Delivery in Safari.

02 June 2016

A Certain Kind of Sadness

The problem with knowing the truth and keeping it to yourself is that the lies and the bullshit you hear seem to irritate you, especially if there is extra and committed effort on the part of other people to make you accept such lies as the truth. 

On the other hand, knowing the truth makes you see things clearly, but it doesn't exempt you from the sadness knowing that there isn't a soul who knows and understands why you feel towards all the lies parading in front of you as the truth. 

There is a certain kind of sadness in the air, and it breaks my heart that I alone can feel it.

11 May 2016

Election 2016

While I am witnessing my friends fighting each other in defense of their presidential bets, watching schoolmates unfriend each other on Facebook and unfollow each otgher on Twitter and Instagram, I chose to take things lightly....

21 February 2016

Random Thoughts

If GOD had HIS way of talking to me, HE would probably tell me

"Hihingi-hingi ka ng sign sa akin. Binigyan na nga kita ng higit pa sa sign, ang tigas pa rin ng ulo mo. Ano gusto mo mangyari, bumaba ako sa lupa para pektusan ka?"

01 January 2016

Forget Me Not

I have been spending the past few hours sending glad tidings to people. Scrolling on past messages on FaceBook Messenger or Twitter's DM can be fun and frustrating. Fun because you get to relive old conversations with people who made you smile, and frustrating because of not so intelligent and insensitive exchanges bordering on unfriending/unfollowing.

Okay, so I just hit unfollow/unfriend...... Sue me.....

The point is, one get to have conversations with some of these people on birthdays and holidays which is not good. I mean, where's the real connection there? I understand that being polite is called for but up to what extent? Some of these people are those who I grew up with, some were even my friends, well, used to be my friends.

In reality, we keep people in our lives even though they don't really have meaning in our existence because we are afraid to be alone, we are afraid to be forgotten. We are afraid that during the final days of our lives, no one will remember us even after we are gone. We fear to be reduced to one tombstone marker, unnoticed by passersby.

But what if we get to keep only a few real friends who bring meaning to our lives, those who really know us inside out, and those who know what we feel by just a simple gaze? Would that trade off be acceptable? Would that be enough?

Alone No More - Philip George Feat. Anton Powers

Current party festive mood.

Quite ironic for a song which speaks of one's refusal to be alone.