31 October 2004

Me, Myself, and I

How often do you get swept off your feet by the wrong person at the wrong time? Once, twice, four times? You idiot!

Ok reality check…. Do you know the person that well? Do you even know if she’s a real person or some pirate faced roach? Do you even know the real name? Age? Whereabouts of parents? Yada yada yada? (What is this an interrogation?)

You don’t….and you call that love? Love on the basis of what? Hey loser, I’m still talking to you! For crying out loud, bang your head until you come to your senses! Would you like me to slam your head real hard to activate your brain? Maybe a little shingles wont hurt, huh?

Ooooopppssss….you’re ignoring me again……Hey, you…..listen to me!

Ho-hum….Huh…? What…? Eh…..? Somebody talking…? Oh, well, gotta get ready….

25 October 2004

Waiting in Vain


Turn on cell, request for signal, check inbox. No message? Turn off cell.


Turn on cell, request for signal, check inbox. No message? Lets wait...... (I'm still waiting....) 45 minutes, no message still. What the hell.....(turn off cell)

12:00 noon

Turn on cell, request for signal, check inbox. No message? O, common.... Do you even know how to send text messages? Grrrr.... must be asleep.... Turn off cell.

1:00 pm

Same routine, except now lying in bed until sleep closes my eyes to rest..... Phone in one hand in vibra mode...still waiting for your text....


Awake and...whaaat??? Still no text? Hmmmmmm...lets say hi, shall we....type, type, type, send....message sent....now waiting....still waiting...(and after 30 mins.) Grrr...

12:45 pm

Still no text..... O well, it was fun while it lasted.... Bye, see you when I see you.... I'm checking my e-mails.... one message received.... Is that all you can say? ;-)

24 October 2004

Going Down

ould I thank you for making me feel liked? (I guess you know I like you as well, huh?)

Should I thank you for making me feel welcomed? (Feel free to drop into my life anytime soon.)

Should I begin to close my eyes smiling, knowing that you'll always make things feel better? (You already did...)

Should I start breathing at rapid successions now so I can begin catching my breath? (You just made my lungs feel like bursting....)

Should I begin monitoring my BP now soI'd know my heart still beats? (you just made it stop....)

Should I drive you away now so we dont complicate what we have? (But I already love you......)

CRAAAAAPPP! Did I just say I love you????? Uh-oh......