22 May 2019

Data Privacy is Data Security

Over the week, I had my share of a version of a horror story where it ends that my personal information were used for some illegal purpose (apparently). To add insult to injury, contacts in my phone were hacked and were getting sms round the clock from a certain entity so I had to take action.

After a few hours browsing on data privacy, It is very clear to me that nobody has the right to use your personal information in any manner other than what it was intended for. You have to be very vigilant about where you enter or give your information (websites, online forms, telemarketers, credit card agents) or you could end up in real trouble.

It is a relief that the government now has the National Privacy Commission, an entity whose sole mission is to protect and safeguard our personal information from misuse and abuse. 

If you feel like your personal information has been compromised, misused or abused in any manner, you may get in touch with them thru:


Address: 5th Floor Delegation Building, PICC Complex, Roxas Boulevard

Website : www.privacy.gov.ph

Trunkline No : 234-22-28

Local Numbers
For Complaints 114
For other inquiries 117


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